Introducing Single Design Debates

Single design debates is something that has been on our radar for quite a while, and it was confirmed that we need to add this functionality after speaking with a number of Desinion Pro users, who said:

Desinion is great when we have two design concepts and we want feedback on which one works, however we don’t always have two design concepts to compare, occasionally we only want feedback on one design”.

As soon as we heard this from a number of designers and illustrators that use Desinion, we set out to create single design debates. Single design debates, offer Desinion users the chance to get quick feedback and statistics on the project that they are working on, without having to create an alternative design to compare it to.

Single design debates is available as part of the Desinion Pro package – which also includes, Private debates, Desinion Reports, and Creative Briefs as well as access to the full analytical suite, all for just $19USD per year (yes per year). Learn more about Desinion Pro.


How to create single design debates.

Once you have created your design concept that you want to get feedback on, simply sign into Desinion and hover over ‘Get Feedback’ which is in the upper right hand corner of Desinion’s UI.

From there you will see a dropdown that says ‘Single design debate’. Click on that.

Step 1: Ask a question about your design concept

This will take you to the create design debate page. On the create a design debate pages you can ask whatever question you need to ask about your design concept (you have 60 characters to frame your question).

Step 2: Provide two possible answers

if your client wants a logo that is ‘high-tech’ looking, and you, want statistics and data to prove to your client that people perceive your designs to be high-tech looking, then you could ask the question – ‘Does this logo look ‘high-tech’? – with the two possible answers being – ‘Yes’, or ‘no’”.

After you have framed your debate by asking a question, you must add two possible answers to this question. For example, if your client wants a logo that is ‘high-tech’ looking, and you, want statistics and data to prove to your client that people perceive your designs to be high-tech looking, then you could ask the question – ‘Does this logo look ‘high-tech’? – with the two possible answers being – ‘Yes’, or ‘no’.

Step 3: Upload and crop your design concept

Following that you can upload your design concept, by either dragging and dropping your work into the designated space – or you can click on and search for your design concept in your files. (remember your designs must weigh under 5mb)

After your design is uploaded, you may, if you wish, crop your design concept. The area that you crop will be displayed in the design debate preview. Users will be able to see the full ‘un-cropped’ version by clicking on ‘See full size image’. So try to make sure that the area that you crop is relevant to the question you want to ask, and visually compelling.

Step 4: Add a little context or attach your creative brief

After you have uploaded and cropped your design debate, you need to add a little context and a backstory to your designs so that the design enthusiasts that offer their valued opinions on your design can fully understand and contextualize the design’s needs and use cases before offering their opinion. Desinion Pro users can offer the ultimate context by attaching their creative brief with the design debate.

Step 5: Chose which design discipline your design concept falls into

After you have either attached your creative brief to the design debate, or added more context, you must chose which design discipline your design concept falls into, is it a logo design? is it a UI / UX element? You may chose up to 3 disciplines.

Step 6: Will it be a private debate or a public debate

Once you have completed steps 1 to 5, as a Desinion Pro user, you can decide if you want the design debate to be a public design debate, or a private design debate. Public design debates will be seen by the the whole Desinion community and will bring 100’s of opinion on your design concept. Private design debates will not be published anywhere publicly on Desinion. Instead you will be given a secret and secure URL where your design debate will be hosted, you may then share this URL to get feedback and statistics on your work from a small group of people of your choosing, be it, the rest of your creative team, your friends, colleagues or even your clients.

Step 7: Publish and share.

After deciding if you want to make your single design debate, a public or a private design debate, you must finalize the creation of your design debate by clicking on ‘Get opinions and statistic on your creative work’, this will create your design debate and take you to ‘the share page’.

On the share page you may chose to share your you design debate on Facebook or Twitter, or via email.

TIP: Sharing your Single Design Debate on your social media channels, significantly increases the amount of opinions and statistics you get on your work.

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