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As well as the new and recent release of the inventively titled ‘Get more context’ feature, Desinion is also introducing ‘Creative Briefs’, a new functionality for DesinionPro users.

With DesinionPro, designers can download conclusive reports on their design debates, create private debates to share inhouse or with trusted friends, get the full range of statistics on their designs (including what different job titles think about their work as well as what different industries think) and now, with the all new creative briefs, DesinionPro users can offer the ultimate context on their design concepts. Here’s how creative brief’s work.

Step 1. Create a Desinion Pro design debate

First and for most a designer can create their design debate, by clicking on ‘Create a debate’ and uploading two design concepts that they have been working on and ask a specific question about the afore mentioned concepts.

The DesinionPro designer can either manually input context on the designs concepts that are being debated or, to offer the ultimate context, by attaching the projects creative brief to the design debate.



Step 2. Drag and drop or upload your creative brief

After clicking on ‘Upload creative brief’, the DesinionPro designer can either drag and drop his creative brief into the allocated space or click and upload the creative brief to the design debate. It takes seconds to upload your creative brief, and you will be notified once the creative brief is fully uploaded.



Step 3. Publish your Pro design debate with your creative brief

After you have published your Pro design debate, Desinion users and design enthusiasts can access the project’s creative brief via the ‘Get more context’ function. Once the ‘Get more context’ dropdown is open, viewers of your design debate may access the project’s creative brief by clicking on ‘Read creative brief’. (Note: that if the link saying ‘read creative brief is grey, as oppose to green, this means that there is no Creative brief associated with that particular design debate).


Creative briefs are only available for DesinionPro users – Sign up for DesinionPro today, just $19 dollars per year.






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