Modern day design process

Most designers, be it freelance designers working from home or designers who are part of a large agency design team will be will versed in the design process. It is a well trodden path. Over recent years the design process as been advanced by a multitude of new applications, websites and services that make the process smoother, more accessible and in some cases quicker. From the initial question filled kick-off meeting, where designers and art directors review the creative brief with the client, to the end product being presented, the design process can vary in time and scale, but should always be the same in terms of effort. Today we'll talk about that process and offer you tips on how to smooth out that process and explanations as to why Desinion is becoming a major help in the process.  

Desinion is Launched!

Today is the much anticipated launch of Desinion. Four months ago Desinion didn’t exist. It didn’t even have a name, logo, or a single line of code to represent it and was simply an idea to solve a need in the design process. You could call it a passion project with potential; an experiment which might just work; a risk that might just be worth the investment. And now, after four months of hard-work and passion through design, strategy, coding and development. Desinion is here!