Top 5 design debates so far

Desinion has been live for just over 12 days now, and the response from the design, illustration and business community has been fantastic. We been keeping a close eye on the numbers and have seen well over 1000 opinions offered on people’s designs and illustrations. As well as this we have seen great and insightful feedback given designers on their design concepts.

In today’s insight we will now look at 5 of the best design debates that you guys have been offering your opinion on in the last 12 days.


Burgers, which one? – By Carla Corrales


This was Carla Corrales‘ first design debate, and it quickly became one of the most popular and most opinionated design debate of them all. Currently (at the time of writing) this design debate has accumulated the (join) most opinions from a number of different demographics. Carla, who is an extremely talented graphic designer from Buenos Aires, wanted to find out which burger illustration would be more popular amongst different demographics, and she certainly found out. Both male and female decision makers opted quite overwhelmingly for one illustration over the other illustration. – Login or sign up to offer your opinion on Carla’s hunger inducing design debate, and see which burger illustration is proving to be more popular across different demographics.


Which logo looks better? –  by Nico Encarnacion


The amazing work of Nico Encarnacion was debated on Desinion in this last week. In creating a logo mark, with two varying styles Nico, isn’t only asking the question – Which logo looks better?, but he’s also opening the interesting debate on what is better, or currently more popular – flat graphics?, or detailed graphics?. This was Nico’s first design debate on Desinion, and we hope to see many more design debates from such a talented designer. Opinions on this design debate are, at the time of writing, pretty even, so your opinion counts. – Login or sign up to offer your opinion on Nico’s flat vs detailed, design debate, and see which logo and which style proves to be more popular across different demographics.


(Personal logo) Two options but I need to decide on one? –  by Wanda Arca

Graphic-Designer-logoThis was a great design debate, by a very talented designer. Wanda was designing her personal logo, and wanted opinions on which logo would be better received by various audiences. Wanda Arca cleverly combined her initials – Using the full W and the outer part of the A to form this cute, clever and personalised logo. Wanda shows great use and control of gradients in both logo concepts, which help to distinguish between the W and the A. Gavin Williams commented on Wanda’s design debate saying – “Modestly beautiful, clever and subtle. It took me a little while to spot the ‘A’ within, but for me that makes it a sweet surprise.”  – Login or sign up to offer your opinion on Wanda’s personal logo, and find out which concept is proving to be more popular with different audiences.


Which one? by Gustavo Zambelli


This design debate was very popular with the Desinion Community. Although the differences between the two design concepts don’t immediately jump out at you, they do do make a difference to the overall direction of the design. The very talented illustrator, Gustavo Zambelli wanted feedback on the circle, or plate that goes behind the pizza slice, and the numbers 5 and 2. Do you prefer the plate to have an edge when the plate meets 5 and 2? or would the lines that form the plate, simply stop and then restart around the numbers 5 and 2? This design debate split opinion, with both design concepts being equally well executed. – Login or sign up to offer your opinion on Gustavo’s pizza project debate, and find out which concept is proving to be more popular with different pizza eating audiences.


Which town / city scene do you prefer? – by Rita Quintela

city-illustrationRita Quintela’s illustration got a lot of attention in these past 12 days. Rita, one of the first to post per work on Desinion, was experimenting with her illustration style. Would her graphical elements which make up her city scene have an outline? Or will they be produced without an outline? One certainly stands out more than the other, where as, it could be said that one of these has a softer less intrusive feel. Which one do you prefer? – Login or sign up to offer your opinion on Rita’s design debate, and find out which concept is proving to be more popular with different audiences.


It has been a great opening few days for Desinion and the designers / illustrators that have benefitted from getting feedback, comments and statistic on their design concepts. As words spreads about desinion, we expect even more opinions to be offered on new design debates on a daily basis as well as in the coming weeks.

If you are new to Desinion, and would like to offer your opinions on design concepts, or many you are working on a design or illustration yourself, and would like to get some feedback and statistics on it, please feel free to sign up here.

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