Create private debates on Desinion

Designing for a client can be challenging enough. You must show your designs as well as promote and highlight the value that your design will bring to the client's company. In many cases designers use Desinion as a focus group to get justification and validation that their designs are liked by the right target audience. Designers upload their design concept on Desinion, by creating a design debate, that in turn gets published publicly on Once public, designers get 100's of opinions on which...

A little context please

We have read tweets, blog post comments and received your emails on this subject and we 100% agree with all of the comments that suggest that more context is needed when offering your opinions on the design concepts that are laid out in front of you. We also understand that more context on the designs will allow for more informed and relevant decision making when it comes to either giving or getting valued opinions.

How to get your design concepts on the popular page and get more stats and opinions

Getting your design debate featured on the popular vastly increases the amount of opinions, comments and statistics designs and illustrators get on their concepts. Today we want offer a few tips on how you could get your design debate from the latest page to the popular page, with insider info as well as tips on how to make your design debates popular within the community and great on the eye.

Top 5 design debates so far

  Desinion has been live for just over 12 days now, and the response from the design, illustration and business community has been fantastic. We been keeping a close eye on the numbers and have seen well over 1000 opinions offered on people's designs and illustrations. As well as this we have seen great and insightful feedback given designers on their design concepts.

Why you should embed your Design Debate on your website or blog.

It would be fair to say that most good designers have their own personal website or blog. Some have both. Some have one or the other. The personal portfolio websites that designers have, are their very own unique piece of the internet, their corner of the world where they can showcase their skills, vent their opinions and be seen, admired and get offered jobs because of their website or blog.